Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The cost of a website depends on its complexity and the number of pages. After discussing your project with you, I will provide a statement of work, cost and contract prior to beginning the project. Site costs start at $250.

Noreen’s Simple Sites does not pay for the domain name reservation or web hosting fees. Hosting fees range from $0 - $200/year.
How do I reserve a domain name or URL and what is the cost?
You can usually reserve a domain name with your hosting company. Annual domain fees range from $5 to $10/month but many hosting companies provide the domain name for free as an incentive for you to sign-up with their service. If we are using a website builders such as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or Jimdo, you can purchase your domain name with them when you sign up.
Will I be able to update my site on my own?
For six months after completing your site and as part of the initial project cost, I will make simple updates such as text changes and minor changes to photos. Sites created with Weebly, Squarespace and Jimdo can be easily modified by you. After six months, I would be happy to update your site for an hourly fee.
Who has control over the files for my website?
You do. I will provide you with all of the login and password information for your host and will only access your site with your approval. I won't hold your website hostage, you are free to make your own updates or have another website company provide updates for you,
What is search engine optimization?
Search engine optimization (SEO), is the task of improving a website's visibility. Noreen's Simple Sites uses a number of techniques to optimize your website rankings. Techniques include a title for each page, a clear description for each page, identifying and using keywords in webpage content, and image descriptions. I will also register your site with the major search engines and internet directories, including Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Foursquare and Facebook.
Can we include social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn?
Yes - all of the social media that you use can be linked to your site including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Can I incorporate and display MYSQL data and forms?
Yes. Your information can be displayed in a grid or can be custom designed format.